Call of Duty: Black Ops II map-pack Vengeance releases August 1st on PC

Will vengeance be yours? Really, that depends on whether your think Vengeance is a Black Ops 2 map pack, and not, say, some planned retribution on an international coffee chain for putting the wrong syrup in your morning drink. For the former, you'll now only have to wait until August 1st - the announced date for the PC version of the DLC. The latter? Oh they'll find out soon enough.

As is tradition for these things, Vengeance adds four new multiplayer maps to the Blops sequel, along with a new zombie scenario. Here's a video that explains the features of Cove, Detour, Rush, Uplink and Buried.

Why would you make a paintball arena, and then just have the players use standard guns? That's not particularly sporting.

Zombies mode is also getting a new feature in the Ray Gun Mark 2, which will be available in all zombie levels, not just the new wild-west themed map.

Phil Savage

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