Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack confirmed

MEDIC! Come patch this game up or I'll shoot your balls off!

A recently leaked flyer all but confirmed the existence of the next Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, but now it's official . The next pack will be called Escalation, and will feature four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie level. The pack is due to arrive on the Xbox 360 on May 3 which means, if it follows the same pattern as the previous map pack, First Strike , we should expect to see it on PC in June. Read on for a short summary of the maps, including one set in a Russian zoo.

  • Zoo - A multiplayer map set in an abandoned Russian zoo. "Abandoned" probably means no animals, which means no rampaging polar bears, sadly.

  • Convoy - Described as having plenty of "close quarters combat," this map is set at the scene of an ambushed US vehicle convoy.
  • Hotel - Set in a luxury Havana hotel and casino.
  • Stockpile - A secret WMD facility hidden in a remote Russian farm town.

There will also be another zombie map, but there aren't any details of that just yet. Ascension, from the First Strike map pack, added new creatures to fight. Hopefully this one will be similar.

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