Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets dragons and robots in "Descent" DLC

Activision has announced a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC release called Descent, which will add four new multiplayer maps to the game as well as a trip to an alternate universe Soviet Union, replete with “mechanized zombie infantry” and fire-breathing dragons. 

The “Empire” map brings Blacks Ops 3 movement to a “re-imagining” of the Black Ops 2 map Raid, built around a Roman villa recreated by an eccentric billionaire; “Cryogen” is an isolated compound in the Dead Sea that houses the world's most dangerous criminals in suspended animation; “Berserk” is a Viking village “frozen in time,” featuring wooden buildings, rocky outcroppings, tight chokepoints, and blizzards; and “Rumble” drops players into a stadium “where giant fighting robots battle to the roar of the crowd.” 

But the real gold is the trip to a devastated Stalingrad, overrun by zombies and dragons, “in the next highly-anticipated chapter of the Origins Zombies saga, Gorod Krovi,” Activision said. “Players face-off against a swarm of mechanized zombie infantry and dodge hell-fire from aerial dragon assaults, all in the middle of a raging battle within the remnants of Stalingrad.” Gorod Krovi will add new enemies to the game, new mechanics, “and an epic set of Zombie annihilating weapons.”   

It's hard to tell from the trailer whether these dragons will barf fire for good or evil (though they do kill zombies), but it does appear that they'll be rideable in some fashion: My eyes may deceive me, but that sure looks like a gondola on the dragon's back near the end of the video. Alas, while the Descent DLC will be released for the PlayStation 4 on July 12, other platforms will have to wait. Based on the timing of the previous two DLC bundles, we should see it hit the PC in mid-August.

Andy Chalk

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