Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 teased by retail poster

Black Ops 2 poster

A mysterious blurry poster has fallen into Kotaku's hands, passed on by a "retail source." It's tagged with Activision and Treyarch's logos and features a big date and a tagline "return for debriefing."

The framing device for the Call of Duty: Black Ops single player campaign was an angry debriefing session. You'd return there between missions to listed to a man shout things like "Mason! Mason! The numbers, Mason! what about the numbers? WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBERS?" Lurking silhouettes of brooding military men has been a staple of Black Ops marketing materials in the past, too, suggesting that this could be a tease for the heavily rumoured Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 has being popping up all over the place. It was briefly listed on Amazon at one point, it's been spotted on dev CVs and Activision snapped up web domain names related to Black Ops 2 months ago. Activision haven't confirmed anything yet, mind. The date on the poster could be the reveal date. Here's the full sized pic.

Tom Senior

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