Buying games too fast on the Epic Games Store can lock your account

The Epic Games Store's first major sale has had its fair share of teething problems, with games like Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included removed from the store shortly after the sale kicked off, followed by Borderlands 3. There are still plenty of discounts, but buying a lot of games could potentially result in your account being blocked from making more purchases. 

Last week, streamer Patrick Boivin claimed he bought five games on the Epic Games Store and then his account was flagged as potentially fraudulent. 

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“This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” Epic Games' senior PR Nick Chester told Game Revolution. “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

As the Epic Games Store adds more games, this is inevitably going to happen more frequently, especially during sales, so the store is probably overdue a way for customers to make multiple purchases in one go. A shopping cart is at least in the works, but the addition has yet to be dated. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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