The cheapest way to buy Starfield in Australia

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Starfield is already in the hands of some players and the reaction so far has been predictably loud. It's Bethesda's first ginormous RPG since Fallout 4, and its most ambitious since Skyrim. Like No Man's Sky, i has thousands of planets to explore, and like Mass Effect it'll have a handful of computer people to romance. You can horde sandwiches. Chris's review of Starfield is positive, albeit not without criticisms.

Buying Starfield outright is expensive. Following several other publishers, Microsoft and Bethesda have pinned a AU$119.95 RRP on Starfield, which is around AU$20 more than most of us expect to pay for a big budget new release.

But never fear, because not only are some legit digital storefronts selling it cheaper, but Starfield will also release on PC Game Pass, which means you could pay as little as AU$10.95 to play Starfield, assuming you think you'll be done with it within a month. Microsoft's famous AU$1 trial period has (rather conveniently!) disappeared in the lead up to Starfield's launch, but PC Game Pass is still good value.

For now, here are the cheapest places to buy Starfield for PC in Australia.

Cheapest way to get Starfield for PC in Australia

Starfield @ PC Game Pass | starting from AU$10.95
One of the best Game Pass titles to date, Starfield is launching straight onto Microsoft's subscription service on September 6 (sorry, Early Access is only granted to people who fork out for the AU$169.95 Premium Edition). Sadly, Microsoft's AU$1 14-day PC Game Pass trial period has been ditched in the lead up to Starfield, but depending how long you expect to play Starfield, a minimum of AU$10.95 is still pretty good value.

Starfield @ Amazon | AU$119.95 AU$99
The cheapest way to buy Starfield outright is to buy a boxed copy. Oh, the irony, right? Amazon is normally pretty good with prompt shipping, but there always remains the possibility that the boxed copy won't arrive on launch day. Still, a AU$5 saving might make that worthwhile to you.

Starfield @ Fanatical | AU$119.95 AU$99.55
Fanatical is shearing a full AU$20 off the RRP for Starfield, which is a nice saving compared to the competition. It also has the Premium Edition for AU$141.05, down from AU$169.95.

Starfield @ JB Hi-Fi | AU$119.95 AU$99
If you want to walk into an actual bricks and mortar store on launch day to pick up Starfield, JB is offering that decidedly old fashioned approach. Stock in-store will vary, of course, but online is currently taking pre-orders.

Starfield @ Green Man Gaming | AU$119.95 AU$99.56
Green Man Gaming is also offering a nice slice off the RRP--just a tad less than Fanatical. Still, if you're part of Green Man Gaming's loyalty program you can get "1020XP", for whatever that's worth. The Premium Edition is going for AU$144.46.

Starfield @ Humble Store | AU119.95 (with bonuses for subscribers)
Humble Store is offering Starfield at its RRP, unless you happen to be a member of its Humble Choice program, which could say you "up to AU$17.99" off the RRP. The Premium Edition is also available for its usual AU$169.95, though Humble Choice members can save up to AU$25.49.

Starfield @ Steam | AU$119.95
The boring ol' RRP on Steam. No discounts. Likewise with the Premium Edition, which you can reach via the same link above.

Starfield @ EB Games | AU$119.95
EB Games is charging full price for the boxed edition. Probably not the best option unless you want physical and don't have a JB Hi-Fi nearby, or if you've got a bunch of stuff you want to trade in.

Is Starfield: Premium Edition worth it?

Starfield Premium Edition information sheet

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The Premium Edition of Starfield is a considerable mark up of AU$169.95, but it does have some decent advantages. The Shattered Space story expansion is arguably the most substantial, but for the impatient among us it'll also grant "up to five days early access" to the game. So you could be playing it on September 1, instead of September 6 like everyone else.

You also get a Constellation Skin Pack, as well as a digital soundtrack and art book.

These prices may change over the coming weeks; if we notice that they have, we'll dutifully update the page.

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