The cheapest way to buy Elden Ring in Australia

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring is by far the most critically acclaimed PC game of 2022, and it's no surprise: hype in the lead up to its release was through the roof, though that's an understatement: it was through the firmament, through the galaxy, distant alien lifeforms were probably hyped about it. The open world RPG by the creators of Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is probably the most coveted game for a decade.

Elden Ring released on February 25, 2022 - it was delayed by a month in October, because according to From Software the "depth and strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations". Now that the game is out, it's easy to see why: we scored Elden Ring 90, writing that it's "junk food for FromSoftware fans". 

It's possible to buy Elden Ring for PC from bricks and mortar retail outlets, and even Amazon, though you'll be getting a physical box with a code in it, and probably not getting a great price. The best way to go is digital, and at the time of writing, purchasing a Steam code via Fanatical is the cheapest way to play Elden Ring in Australia. Or, if you're a Humble Choice member, the Humble Store is offering a nice discount off the RRP.

Cheapest Elden Ring prices in Australia

Elden Ring @ Fanatical | AU$89.95 AU$78.10
By far the cheapest way to get Elden Ring is via Fanatical, though if you're a Humble Choice subscriber, check out the listing below.

Elden Ring @ Humble Store | AU$89.95 AU$86.39
A bit pricier than Fanatical, but you do get AU$7.73 cashback. In other words, once you've completed the transaction you'll have that amount credited to your Humble Store wallet. Meanwhile, if you happen to be a Humble Choice member, you can save AU$17.

Elden Ring @ Amazon AU | AU$99.95 AU$89 (currently sold out)
This was down to AU$84.50 in January, so this new price isn't quite as good as that, and buying a physical box is probably better done at a shop nearby, lest you need to wait for it to be shipped (postage in Australia is slow, at the moment). It can't beat Fanatical in this case for either price or convenience. The latter because Amazon will ship this to you in a box, so you may not have it for launch. The box contains a digital download code, probably redeemable on Steam.

Elden Ring @ JB Hi-Fi | AU$99.95 AU$89
This is a boxed copy that will need to be shipped to you, or else purchased at a JB Hi-Fi outlet. If you want to pick Elden Ring up at the shops, this is the cheapest way to do that, beating EB Games by AU$10.95.

Elden Ring @ Steam | AU$89.95
It's the digital PC RRP, which Steam normally sticks pretty close to ahead of launch for big blockbuster games. You're much better off buying a Steam digital code from Fanatical.

Elden Ring @ EB Games | AU$99.95
EB Games is taking pre-orders for Elden Ring at the recommended retail price. Given it's just a code in a box that will need to be shipped to you, and it's more expensive than the competition, you're better off looking elsewhere.