Butcher some cosmic horrors in Doom 2 mod Shrine

(Image credit: Shrine - Scumhead)

Ever wanted to butcher some Lovecraftian horrors because they stepped too hard on your turf? Well, have I got the free game for you. SHRINE is a total conversion for Doom 2 that turns you into a grumpy red demon with a lot of guns who doesn’t like the various monsters of cosmic horror that are hanging around one bit. 

Modder scumhead released the game in November, but gave it a nice balance tweak just this month. It has a unique art style with a color palette that really stands out from other Doom mods. It’s only about an hour long, but it has new enemies and levels. It also features organic looking weird guns, a rad shotgun sprite, a spinal column that roars and tears things apart like a chainsaw, and whatever the hell this is: 

(Image credit: Shrine - Scumhead)

One of the best things that ever happened to PC gaming was Doom going open source. There is a direct line from that event to me cutting up twisted horrors with a spinal column chainsaw. You can get SHRINE for free on ModDB. Frankly, this one’s going in my stash of great Doom mods alongside Total Chaos and literally everything on this list of the weirdest Doom mods

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