The weirdest mods people have made for classic Doom

the weirdest doom mods

Doom is more than a game: it’s a medium. Over the decades people have taken id’s notorious FPS and bent it to their will, creating all manner of bizarre, beautiful, and impressive mods. It’s the foundation for a huge amount of creativity, and below are some of my favourite examples of Doom being used to create something really weird. Because why not?


the weirdest doom mods: seinfeld

Author Doug Keener | Download

An accurate replica of Seinfeld’s New York apartment. It took its creator over 100 hours to make, but it was worth it. You can even kill the main cast, because it is a Doom mod after all. And make sure you check out Kramer’s apartment.

Run For It

the weirdest doom mods: run for it

Author Cherepoc | Download

Imagine if all the objects in Doom—weapons, ammo, health, keycards—suddenly sprouted legs and started running away from you. You’ve just imagined Run For It, a hilarious mod that has to be seen to be believed.


the weirdest doom mods: dood

Author DeXiaZ | Download

Inspired by the meme, this creative mod mirrors the game down the middle—including the sprites, maps, and music—to create a truly confusing, disorientating, and surreal experience. You’ve never played Doom like this.


the weirdest doom mods: void

Author Cyb | Download

Meddling scientists open a portal to a bizarre, surrealist world where chunks of the level float in an endless kaleidoscopic void. A great example of Doom being used to do something it was never designed for. It even has cutscenes.

Pirate Doom

the weirdest doom mods: pirate doom

Author Arch | Download

A swashbuckling WAD that completely transforms the game, adding flintlock pistols, pirate ships, and jaunty Monkey Island music. But the thing I love most is how it gives all the classic Doom enemies eyepatches and pirate hats.

The Sky May Be

the weirdest doom mods: the sky may be

Author Doug the Eagle, Kansam | Download

The authors describe this as “the strangest WAD ever made”, and it’s no empty boast. Vast, disjointed environments, weird textures, floating error messages, and strange carnival-like music make this a unique (and terrifying) mod.


the weirdest doom mods: NUTS

Author B.P.R.D. | Download

This mod begins with you gazing over an endless sea of demons. Think the Battle of Helm’s Deep, but with more visible pixels. And your mission is simple: kill ‘em all. NUTS is Doom at its most primal and single-minded.


the weirdest doom mods: doot

Author DeXiaZ | Download

Here’s another meme-inspired mod by DeXiaZ, this time giving you just one weapon to slay the demon hordes with: a trumpet. If you make it through the whole game listening to that endless dooting, you’re stronger than I. 

Doom Vacation

the weirdest doom mods: doom vacation

Author Doorhenge | Download

If you’ve ever wanted to see Doomguy running around a beach resort squirting demons with a water pistol, this conversion of preposterous Duke 3D add-on Duke Caribbean is the WAD for you. Talk about a change of scenery.

Zharkov Goes to the Store

the weirdest doom mods: zharkov goes to the store

Author Xaser | Download

This mod adds an arsenal of bizarre, intentionally absurd weapons to Doom, including the ability to tear your own arm off and throw it at enemies, a nuclear warhead launcher, and a gun that freezes demons with liquid nitrogen.

Voxel Chibi Doom

the weirdest doom mods: voxel chibi doom

Author Cherno | Download

This mod replaces all the standard enemies with cute pixelated versions. Or should that be voxelated? The Cacodemon is my favourite. Look at his little face. Combine this mod with Ezepov’s Low-Res Doom for extra cuteness.

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