Bungie teases a new six-player activity coming in Destiny 2's Season of Opulence

With Destiny 2's Season of Opulence now just one week away, Bungie has revealed more of what Guardians can look forward to in the third and final addition to the Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass. (Hint: It's more shootin' and better lootin'.)   

The Season of Opulence will feature a new six-player activity called the Menagerie, teased as "a maze of challenges" in the lost vaults of Leviathan, the massive flagship of Emperor Calus, with "ever-changing paths and enemies." Completing the activity will grant access to the Chalice, enabling players to claim specific weapons and armor as rewards for their victory. All players who have finished Forsaken will be invited to take a shot at the Menagerie, which can be upgraded over time for more, and more powerful, rewards. 

New Mengaerie bosses will appear throughout the month of June for Annual Pass owners, and on June 25 a new Heroic difficulty level will be added: Normal difficulty will be supported by matchmaking, but Heroic will require a premade fireteam if you want to take part. 

June 11 will also see the return of Truth, an exotic rocket launcher from the original Destiny that was popular in PvP thanks to its ridiculous target tracking—a bit like Colony except that jumping around like a maniac won't save you. A quest for a new hand cannon named Lumina will follow in early July, but rumors that the Hawkmoon hand cannon from D1 will also make a comeback, for now, remain just that—rumors. 

The Season of Opulence will also offer an Imperial Summons quest with Power Surge gear rewards at power level 690, to help players get into the new content quickly. The Solstice of Heroes event will return, numerous pieces of new weapons and armor are being added to the mix (although some of it appears to be reskins of pre-existing hardware, which is a little disappointing), and new Pinnacle Gear? New Pinnacle Gear. 

"As we progress through the season, more content will come to light. Quests will be uncovered, leading to Exotic gear. The Tribute Hall and Moments of Triumph become available to explore and complete," Bungie said. "Solstice of Heroes brings a time of celebration, with new rewards and surprises in store."   

Bungie has previously said that it will discuss the future of the game—"a new era for Bungie and Destiny 2"—once the Season of Opulence is live and the raid has been completed. Unusually, the new raid, Crown of Sorrow, will be available to Annual Pass owners as soon as the new season begins—if you're hoping to be among the first to unlock its secrets, don't miss our guide on how to prepare for the fight.   

Andy Chalk

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