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Bungie shows off Destiny 2's new Crucible map: Vostok

Destiny 2’s environmental artist, Jeff Horal, plays the role of tour guide in a new video, showing off one of the upcoming multiplayer shooter’s Crucible PvP maps, Vostok. It’s a chilly arena, full of imposing Russian concrete covered in ice and snow—a perfect place for some merciless brawls. 

If you’ve played the first Destiny, it might look familiar. As well as being set in what was once Russia, where some of the original game was set, it’s just down the road from the social area from the Rise of Iron DLC. What was once a peaceful place is now full of people duking it out. 

Horal notes some of the map’s tactically interesting features. The map is split into sectors with capture points nestled within defensible areas. Each point should feel like it’s in a base, he explains. Expect to see quite a bit of fighting in the crossroads between the areas. 

There are a few sneaky sniper perches too, as well as shortcuts that offer flanking opportunities and a bridge that might make you feel a bit vulnerable as you charge across it.

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