Bungie condemns Roe v Wade decision, will pay for employees to access essential healthcare

Destiny 2
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In May, following a leak of a draft decision revealing that the US Supreme Court intended to overturn Roe v Wade, Destiny 2 studio Bungie made a clear declaration of where it stood on the matter, calling the decision "a blow to freedom in America" and "a direct attack on human rights." Further, the studio promised to safeguard the freedom and privacy of its workers, and to "support all employees affected by this decision."

Today, the Supreme Court made it official in a ruling that overturned the 1973 decision declaring a constitutional right to abortion. Bungie quickly responded with an update announcing a "travel reimbursement program" for employees who are forced to seek out-of-state healthcare.

"Last month, we stated without reservation that all of us deserve to choose our own path and access the healthcare we need," the studio said. "The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade cuts off millions of Americans from that access and leaves open the possibility of even further restrictions on life-saving healthcare for all of us.

"Bungie is committed to ensuring that every one of our employees and their families have safe and affordable access to essential healthcare needs. As we continue to expand our digital-first workplace to more states, we will now be implementing a travel reimbursement program for any employee to use when they or a dependent cannot get access to the healthcare they need where they live. We remain undeterred in our commitment to stand up for reproductive choice and liberty. "

It's heartening to see a major studio taking quick, concrete action to support its employees, particularly in the face of such a controversial matter. But Bungie hasn't been shy about wading into political subjects in the past, having previously expressed support for causes including trans rights, Black Lives Matter and humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and CEO Pete Parsons affirmed last month that Bungie's acquisition by Sony will not "muzzle" the studio.

For fans who want to donate directly, Bungie also shared a list of reputable charities supporting healthcare rights in the US:

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