Bundle and save on this Core i7-7700K CPU and Gigabyte Z270 motherboard

Intel is getting ready to release its Coffee Lake lineup on the desktop, though if you don't want to wait, there are deals to be found on current generation. One of them is a bundle package consisting of an Intel Core i7-7700K processor and Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 motherboard.

Newegg has the bundle on sale for $195. There is also a $15 mail-in-rebate available, so you're looking at $180 once that comes back in the form of a pre-paid card.

Price aside, this is a potent foundation. The Core i7-7700K is an unlocked chip with 4-cores/8-threads running at 4.2GHz to 4.5GHz at stock. It also has 8MB of L3 cache. That is plenty of horsepower for today's games.

The Aorus GA-270X-Gaming 5 is a suitable fit. As the model name implies, it is based on Intel's Z270 chipset. It has three PCIe x16 slots, three PCIe x1 slots, six SATA 6Gbps ports, two M.2 connectors, a U.2 connector, and an assortment of USB 3.1/2.0 ports.

You can grab the combo here.

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Paul Lilly

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