Build your own Prey space station with these neat Talos 1 blueprints

Last October, Prey's 'The History of Transtar' trailer explored the dark history of the Talos 1 space station, and how it was built into a world where President John F. Kennedy was not assassinated. Within, we learn that Kennedy's administration spent decades crafting the station as an R&D facility in space, but that it was ultimately shuttered following a Typhon outbreak years later. Transtar, we learn, then took it over in 2030 and transformed it into Talos 1 as we recognise it today. 

Refresh your memory with all of that here:

Now, a 'master blueprint' of the station has surfaced online which offers a better sense of its scale—more so than the individual area-specific maps in-game. In what almost mirrors a space skyscraper (Arkane once compared the space station to the Empire State Building in an interview with GameInformer) the facility's multi-levelled layout depicts each area as it links to the next, lending its overall design a sense of credibility and practicality. 

In this Reddit thread, users express their desire to purchase hard copies of the blueprints—to which one of the game's community managers promises to pass the idea over to the publisher's store team. 

In the meantime, we'll have to make do with Talos 1 blueprint in digital form. Given its scale, I'm not convinced our Fabricators could handle such a project—even before infinite material creation was patched out.