Build the most confusing furniture store possible in Assembly Required

Assembly Required is a management sim that's all about engineering the dreaded feeling of emerging from a furniture store, wondering what day it is and absolutely despising the smell of leather. You play as the manager of a furniture store, and it's your job to create a maze of displays and merchandise that no customer can escape without losing some of their money, and any good mood they may have entered with. 

Developer MUTT Studio describes Assembly Required as a mix of tower defense and sim elements. Building your store really does look like placing turrets in a game like Sanctum, but instead of dishing out maximum damage, you lay paths to split and funnel waves of customers, ensuring they waste as much time and view as much merchandise as possible. I am positive this is how furniture stores are actually built. 

On the other hand, you've got to manage employees and staff different departments, including QA, sales and, hilariously enough, customer service. Different types of customers require different shepherding, you see, and you've got to confuse the hell out of them while keeping them just happy enough. 

Assembly Required will release this summer.

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Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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