Build a sprawling sci-fi base with your buddies in CryoFall

Cryofall sci-fi survival game
(Image credit: AtomicTorch Studio)

Looking something like multiplayer Rimworld, sci-fi colony simulation and survival game Cryofall released this week to pretty positive reviews and a pretty strong user count that puts it in the top 300 Steam games. Cryofall is all about team-based cooperation, with players pitted against a hostile world in trying to establish a new  colony. To do it, players have to master basic technologies just to survive before building up to new and more complex techs, ending with futuristic cybernetics and mass-industrialization.

Cryofall is playable both as a cooperative PvE experience with friends on a private server or as clan-based, PvP MMO survival against other groups on shared servers. The world itself is inhabited by deadly creatures and the scattered remnants of earlier, failed colonization attempts.

What I find most interesting about Cryofall is that the full game is available as an eight hour timed demo. That's a pretty serious vote of confidence in the quality of their game by the developers—consider that many people don't even spend eight hours on games they paid for.

Cryofall is developed by AtomicTorch Studio and published by Daedalic Entertainment. You can find Cryofall on Steam or on its official website,

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