Buffalo Bill and collision detection take names in Dark Souls 3

Two more Dark Souls 3 players have discovered ways to brighten our day, presuming you're not one of the poor sods to invade them.

Foster—or Buffalo Bill, as he prefers to be known—put his own spin on the iconic well scenes from The Silence of the Lambs. Luring invaders into an inescapable pit with dropped items, he proceeds to spam the Hello Carving until his victims break and disappear back to their own world. If only Catherine Martin had the same luxury in the film. The uncanny similarity of the 'hellos' to Ted Levine's Buffalo Bill makes it.

Then we have Lil Yim and his new meta—letting dodgy collision detection do the work. Hunkered down on a ledge just past the Undead Settlement graveyard, Yim and friends discovered that anyone attempting to jump to them wouldn't fit. Neither did they slip off and fall. Instead, the invader hangs in a perpetual fall animation before being slain automatically in a form of in-built mercy killing.