Brutal Doom mod update coming next month, new trailer made of 90% gibs

Doom's just not metal enough; thank goodness for Brutal Doom . Released in March last year, the beloved mod sought to make the classic even more hardcore and real —it introduced new death animations, gave objects shadows, and made headshots a thing. Now Brutal Doom's announced its 19th update, and after watching this trailer, I can say that I am very ready for this. (Though my ears, maybe less so.)

Brutal Doom's ModDB page reveals that the update releases August 9, with various unspecified new features, fixes, and "polishments" to be added. Developer Sgt Mark IV says that this will "probably" be the final version of Brutal Doom. The next game he's keen to focus on uber-gorifying with the Brutal treatment? Hexen. For now, we just wait till August for this. Someone pass me the super-chunky salsa—I want to bite down hard on that tasty, tasty desensitization.