Broken Sword 5 being split into two episodes, first one out next month

Thanks to Kickstarter, adventure games are back! Okay, yes, so they never really left... in fact, between Europe's continued love for the genre, Telltale's licences and indie projects like Wadjet Eye's Blackwell series, it's been easy to find games to point at and click on. More accurately then: thanks to Kickstarter, a certain brand of classic '90s adventure is back, reuniting fans with characters either previously abandoned, or worse, subjected to a clunky 2000s revival in a 3D engine.

One such series is Broken Sword, which raised over $770,000 in August last year when Charles Cecil asked the community if a fifth game would be to their liking. The fruits of that approval are about to bear out, as the game is due to be released next month. In typical Kickstarter fashion, though, it's not without an unexpected twist. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is now comprised of two episodes, with the first due out December 4th, and the second to follow in January.

"The success of our Kickstarter appeal has allowed us to be hugely ambitious – each episode is a full sized game in its own right. So we will be publishing two action-packed adventures in close succession," says creator Charles Cecil. "The response to those that have seen the game so far has been hugely positive – some suggesting that this is the best Broken Sword yet."

Unlike other (in)famous Kickstarter twists, this one seems pretty beneficial for fans - one made more so by the fact that the planned gap between the episodes is only a month. Each episode will be available for PC, Mac or Linux, through GOG, Steam, or Revolution's own website. Episodes will be priced £10 individually, or £15 for the full bundle. Existing Kickstarter backers will get both episodes, as long as they pledged at or above the $15 tier.

Phil Savage

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