Britannia ruler/spaceman Richard Garriott counts down to something mysterious

Taking a break from visiting space, ruling over his fantasy kingdom, and performing his other lordly duties, Lord British (or, as he's known in this realm, Richard Garriott) has created a new teaser website , which primarily consists of a giant clock counting down to... well, we don't know. However, the fantasy-ish font, the use of his Ultima name (Lord British), and a few other hints on Twitter leads us to believe the big reveal - due in just over 5 days - may be something RPG related, and probably for the PC.

Apart from the website I've already picked clean, the biggest clue resides on Garriott's twitter page, in the form of this drawing of a very stoney henge . Adorned with cryptic images and with a big metal ball-thing in the middle, it looks slightly different from the Stonehenge that disappoints so many tourists and excites so many druids each year.

Chatting with a fan hopeful for a "new Lord British true PC game", Garriott responded with "Clearly long overdue by now! :)" and "If anyone can... I should be up to the task!"

The most likely explanation is that it's something to do with Ultimate RPG , the free-to-play endeavour Garriott has been making noises about over the last year. In any case, we'll know in five days, which coincidentally is when Richard Garriott is scheduled to appear at SXSW .

(Thanks, NeoGAF )

Tom Sykes

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