Britain's most read paper reckons Deus Ex: Human Revolution cybernetic eyeball is real

UK newspaper, The Sun, have included fictional Sarif Industries cyborg eyeball tech in a roundup of "AMAZING GADGETS JUST AROUND CORNER". Such technology, they say, "is in its infancy now" but "will be commonplace to our grandkids."

When we spotted a tweet about the article from Good Gaming about the article I had to nip to the local corner shop to see it. Here it is. Page 28, item five in the feature, today's finest facepalm from Britain's most popular paper.

It looks like they've been fooled by the apparently extremely convincing Sarif Industries viral marketing site , a fabrication of Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Augmented eyeball tech does exist in a basic form. Last year the BBC reported on retinal implant surgery that restored a semblance of sight to two blind men. We are still a long way from Sarif Industries eyeballs and, sadly, Sarif Industries elbow chisels.

This sort of thing happens more often than you might expect. A while back an ITV documentary mistook ARMA 2 footage for real war .

Tom Senior

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