Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trailer offers 14 minutes of narrated low-grav action

I've become quite a fan of these narrated game trailers, which show a decent chunk of in-game footage while developer or PR types talk over the top. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel had one for PAX earlier this year , and they've done another one for E3. That video is below. Don't expect too many surprises, but do expect lots of low-gravity silliness, including high jumps, methane ruptures, and bad guys floating off into space.

If any game, other than Destiny, could benefit from that game's "That wizard came from the moon!" meme, it's Borderlands, and I can only assume that one of Peter Dinklage's most famous moments (the other being his epic Joffrey slap) is being worked into The Pre-Sequel in joke form as we speak. I didn't spot it in the above video, but I did spot a bit where a baddie went flying off into space, along with a bunch of newly vertical/elongated environments which take advantage of the moon's paltry gravity levels. It's an interesting approach to the sequel/expansion pack, tweaking physics values to alter the feel of the game, and one I'd like to see replicated by other developers.

The Pre-Sequel releases on October 14th. You can find our impressions here in the meantime.

Tom Sykes

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