Borderlands 3 cosplay is already looking great

Photo by Butrix Production. (Image credit: Butrix Production)

Last time we saw Czech cosplaying couple Mary and Feinobi they were dressed as characters from The Walking Dead games, helping us say goodbye to both Clementine and The Final Season. Now they're looking forward, cosplaying characters from a game that's not even out yet but plenty of folk are eager for.

There are already official cosplay guides for the new characters up on the Borderlands website, helping fans nail down the details of their looks. It's both a helpful bit of community outreach and a canny PR move, providing info you can't always glean from trailers and pre-release screenshots. 

Mary and Feinobi have cosplayed as the Calypso Twins, Tyreen and Troy, the leaders of the Children of the Vault cult and the villains of Borderlands 3. They're the Borderlands equivalent of celebrity streamers, with egos that comes across in their poses and Troy's flower-sniffing extravagance. The cel-shading makeup that helped them bring The Walking Dead's characters to life (or unlife in that zombie's case) serve them well again here, highlighting every line on their faces and bit of muscle definition on their psycho friend, cosplayed by Rota Martin.

Photo by Butrix Production. (Image credit: Butrix Production)

Photo by Fox Photography. (Image credit: Fox Photography)

Photo by Butrix Production. (Image credit: Butrix Production)
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