Bombshell gets free DLC and a pile of bug fixes in 1.1 update


I don't know if the new 1.1 update to the action-RPG Bombshell will make the it any better, but I can say confidently that it is very unlikely to make it any worse—the game is currently on sale for 33 percent off its regular $35 price, and that discount is actually higher than our review score.

The update does address quite a laundry list of issues, from improved enemy placement and a “complete control overhaul” to smaller things like better weapon sounds, a jump indicator, and tweaks to weapons, stats, and difficulty levels. A “minimalist” HUD option is now available, Steam trading cards have been added, achievements work, there are a bunch of new tutorial missions; the list goes on, and despite the studio's apparent belief that reviewers were primarily responsible for Bombshell's bad rap—“While some journalists weren’t so kind to us, the user reviews on Steam were Mostly Positive from the start, and we think that’s representative of the game,” 3D Realms' Josh Olin wrote in the patch announcement—it is rather stark evidence that there was a lot of work still to be done at release.

The other noteworthy aspect of the 1.1 update is the inclusion of free Shellshock Missions DLC. “This is an arcade/retro throwback mode that presents players with a series of challenges, like completing a level with only abilities, or on a time trial—and lives completely separate from the campaign,” Olin explained.

“We made this game for gamers, not the critics,” Interceptor Entertainment CEO Frederik Schreiber said. “Bombshell is a game we're proud of. And it's an even better game with 1.1, as we've addressed most of the fair and consistent criticisms the game received at launch."

A full list of the changes in the 1.1 update can be found on the Bombshell forum.

Andy Chalk

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