Bohemia kick off ARMA community awards

ARMA 2 Private Military Company thumb

Bohemia Interactive are launching this year's community awards to reward the best and brightest modders for its military sims, ARMA and ARMA 2, including Operation Arrowhead and other expansions. If you've enjoyed playing the missions and mods offered up by the ARMA community, here's your chance to vote for the best.

Voting is now open and you can make your nominations on the official ARMA 2 site . Voting will close on January 31st and the winners will be announced in March. Here are the categories you can vote for.

  • Best MOD/Addon Of The Year 2010

  • Best Mission/Campaign Of The Year 2010

  • Best Website Of The Year 2010

  • Best Member Of The Year 2010

  • Best Video Of The Year 2010

For more on ARMA 2, check out our review of the latest expansion, Private Military Company , or see Eva n take out a tank with a sniper rifle.

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