Bloodborne still isn't on PC, but this pixel art tribute looks gorgeous

(Image credit: Max Mraz)

If something doesn't exist, you create it. So it is with Yarntown, a pixel art Zeldalike directly inspired by From Software's PS4-exclusive Bloodborne. That game isn't on PC, though it's always rumoured to be coming. Instead of biting your nails in anticipation, you could play this instead.

It's the work of Max Mraz, who used the open-source Solarus engine. I played for about fifteen minutes and it definitely looks the part, and I died a lot. You'll spawn in an approximation of the Hunter's Dream before moving into a grand gothic city strewn with ornate architecture and, crucially, things that want to kill you. As the screenshot above demonstrates, it looks like you'll encounter the Cleric Beast (or a version of it) if you stick around for long enough. There are other bosses, too.

Enemies drop blood vials, lanterns are used as checkpoints, and yep - you've got a gun. There are some RPG elements: weapons can be upgraded and so can the playable character. It's an impressive effort, especially since it seems to be a side project for Mraz, who's main concern is the Solarus Engine RPG Ocean's Heart.

You can download it on here.

Shaun Prescott

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