BlizzCon 2018 virtual tickets are on sale now, and include a Sombra legendary skin

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BlizzCon 2018 will once again offer virtual tickets for those unable to make it to the Anaheim Convention Center in November, and you can buy them as of today. To sweeten the deal, a new Diablo-themed legendary skin for Sombra is immediately available with every purchase.

Here's the skin:

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If you purchase virtual tickets you won't need to wait until November 2 to enjoy exclusive material: according to Blizzard, there are "premiere episodes of multiple original BlizzCon video series" available to watch through the BlizzCon website (or the phone app) right now. Meanwhile, as always, the ticket gives you all-access streaming to the main event as well as the BlizzCon All-Access channel, which broadcasts across the convention's two days.

"The opening ceremony and esports are free, but the Virtual Ticket is the only way to watch the Mythic, Legendary, and Epic stages live from home, so you won’t miss any of the developer panels, Community Night contests, or epic closing festivities," so reads Blizzard's rundown. The ticket also gets you a $10 discount off the Blizzard Goody Bag and early access to online mechandise sales. The virtual ticket is $50 (or in Australia, $70).

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