Blizzard unveils the Dennis Hawelka Award for 'mentorship' in the Overwatch League

Former Overwatch pro Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka died last week at the age of 30. As reported by Dot Esports, Hawelka also played World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2, and League of Legends during his career, and founded IDDQD, an early Overwatch pro squad that was later signed by Team EnVyUs. Last year he took on a coaching role for Team Liquid's Overwatch squad, and then moved to coach Liquid's League of Legends team when the Overwatch group was disbanded. 

To commemorate his passing, Blizzard has announced the Dennis Hawelka Award, to be presented at the end of each Overwatch League season "to the player that we deem to have had the most positive impact on the community."

"To the esports world, Dennis was more than just an accomplished player and coach—he was a friend, a confidant, someone people looked towards for guidance and support. He reached out to those around him, drew them in and built them up. In doing so, he not only helped forge the foundation of competitive Overwatch worldwide, he changed countless lives for the better, in game and out," Blizzard said.

"From all of us here at the Overwatch League and Blizzard Entertainment, we send our deepest condolences to Dennis’ loved ones. His intelligence, generosity and friendship will never be forgotten.

The inaugural Overwatch League season will get underway on January 10, 2018.

Andy Chalk

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