Blizzard renames WoW character based on musician who made homophobic remarks

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Blizzard is renaming another World of Warcraft character, following the re-emergence of homophobic comments made by its real-life inspiration.

Gorge the Corpsegrinder (opens in new tab) was added back in 2008 as a nod to Cannibal Corpse vocalist George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher (thanks, Metal Hammer (opens in new tab)). The artist was a self-proclaimed "pathetic nerd" for WoW, talking in length about his passion for the game and his Horde characters in a 2007 interview (opens in new tab). But things took a turn when Fisher began ranting about his hatred for the Alliance, using homophobic slurs and telling those who play the faction to kill themselves.

"I don't play no homo-Alliance either, I don't play no fucking night elves or gnomes," Fisher said. "It's fucking orcs and undead. Fuck the Alliance, fucking die you fucking emo cocksuckers."

His Alliance rant persists for a few more minutes, before saying "you ever see in World of Warcraft, the undead have a dance and they do the metal sign and bang their head, playing guitar. Yeah, go fucking cry in a river and tell me how you're gonna slit your wrists you night elf f****t."

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The interview clip above was shown at BlizzCon in 2011 (opens in new tab), albeit in a heavily censored format, as part of a musical performance at the event. Blizzard senior art director Sam Didier introduced Fisher to the audience as "the unofficial ambassador to the mighty Horde." 

The appearance of the video prompted an apology (opens in new tab) from former Blizzard president Mike Morhaime at the time, calling the decision to show it "shortsighted and insensitive." The character remained in the game though, until now. A tweet from Wowhead shows that recent changes to patch 9.1.5 on the PTR has changed the NPC's name to Annihilator Grek'lor.

Blizzard has been gradually pruning the game's character names and quest dialogue, having already removed references to Blizzard employees (opens in new tab) accused of sexual harassment earlier this year. The company has also said it'll no longer be naming future characters (opens in new tab) after employees or prominent figures across all its games. Aside from WoW, Overwatch hero McCree (opens in new tab) is also facing a name change sometime in the future.

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