Blizzard lift lid on Diablo 3 Demon Hunter; PvP arenas, more

At Blizzcon, at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Blizzard today revealed the final class in the Diablo 3 roster: the demon hunter, alongside new PvP and character customisation features.

The Demon Hunter is Diablo 3's more traditional ranged archetype, dual wielding crossbows and using traps and dark magic to pew pew monsters from afar. The class is fast, violent and sleek - featuring skills like Bola shot (shoot an explosive rope around a monsters neck: BANG), spike traps, and a super-efficient multi-shot.

Also featured, rated arenas in which PvE players can bring their character to fight, kill, and splat in rounds of three or five. Rewards will include vanity items and achievements.

PC Gamer is at Blizzcon in force: we'll bring you more video, more news, and more impressions as soon as possible.