Blizzard launches Diablo 15th anniversary site, declares Diablo III "almost done"

Diablo 3 - Disintegrate!

Diablo III's road to completion has been long and fraught with lengthy periods of radio silence. Granted, while disappointing, it's not altogether surprising, given that Blizzard is one of the few remaining practitioners of the ancient art of "When it's done." Fortunately, we may finally be approaching a light at the end of the randomly generated tunnel. So said Jay Wilson in a celebratory video on the newly launched Diablo 15th anniversary website :

"We are almost done with Diablo III, and that's a fitting celebration of the 15th year anniversary for Diablo. So, we are getting it to you as soon as we can."

Fingers crossed, then, that Blizzard's able to hit the "early 2012" mark . I don't know if my poor heart can go another cold, Diablo-less winter without bursting like a brittle, brittle loot pinata. But instead of totally rad swords, it's filled with longing .