Blizzard is working on a fix for Ashe's new Halloween skin in Overwatch

Overwatch players always have exciting new skins to look forward to around Halloween, but this year's set has a problem. Ashe's new skin, which gives her a wicked-looking Warlock makeover, also changes her weapon sights, and players have found they're much less usable now. Fortunately, Blizzard has heard their cries, and a fix is on the way.

The issue is with the visual design of the Warlock rifle sights. Normally, Ashe has a kind of reflex holo sight on her Viper rifle. It's a low-profile, unobtrusive sight that doesn't put any visual clutter between your eyeballs and your target. Not so with the sights on the Warlock skin version of the rifle, though: In this, the sights are formed by a thick, bright line that form a kind of eye shape.

It's a neat look that matches the Warlock's flame theme, but it's a bit too intense, unfortunately. The good news is that an updated version that lightens up the stroke of the line is coming.

Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan posted a picture of the updated version of the sight picture to the game's subreddit late Wednesday.

"[W]e're still working out a time table to patch this fix in," he wrote. "[T]hanks for your patience."

Thanks, Dexerto.