Blizzard is teasing a new Hearthstone... something

Hearthstone tease

Something is afoot in the RNG-heavy realm of Hearthstone, where the arrival of a "mysterious patron" has launched speculation that an alternate hero for the Warrior class is about to be unveiled.

"An imposing, broad-shouldered figure lingered at the door. Patrons squinted, their eyes adjusting to the light as they tried to make out the newcomer. Hesitation brought with it a mild tension as for a brief moment, no one moved or spoke," Blizzard told the tale. "The innkeeper’s warm, hearty laugh echoed throughout the common room as he gestured the newcomer inside, breaking the sudden silence. The patrons laughed along with his infectious guffaw. Mugs were hefted high, and cries of challenge were shouted, clamoring to be heard."

That in itself doesn't tell us much, but the outline surrounding the silhouette in the central image is the same shape as the one used in Hearthstone hero portraits; and, checking the image properties, its alternate text is revealed as "HeroTeaser01_HS_FB_CK_500x500.jpg." And since Blizzard has said in the past that it doesn't want to introduce any new classes, it would seem most likely that we're about to get an alternate Warrior hero.

As you'd expect, there's all sorts of speculation going on on the Hearthstone Reddit, where one user has made a pretty good argument that the silhouette appears most likely to be Magni Bronzebeard: short, thick, and, most tellingly, with a lanyard hanging from the weapon in his left hand. But others are putting their money on his brother, Muradin. As ever, there's also some more wishful thinking that this might refer to an entirely new Death Knight class. (Our money says: nope.)

If this is the start of purely cosmetic alt portraits for the heroes, with no new attendant mechanics, it'll be both a bit disappointing (but still kinda exciting). We'll no doubt find out who, and what, the mysterious figure is soon enough, but all put together, it does seem very likely that an alternate Warrior hero is on the way. I'm open to other theories, though. Got any?

Andy Chalk

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