Blizzard announces Hearthstone Wild tournament

Around a year ago, Blizzard introduced the new Standard format for Hearthstone, which placed more severe restrictions on decks. The old format was retained and renamed Wild, but in the months since, Blizzard hasn't seen fit to hold an official Wild tournament—one that would loosen those restrictions and allow players to make more overpowered combos and synergies. Obviously I'm writing this news post because the situation is about to change: Blizzard has announced an official Wild tourney that will be held sometime after the end of May.

There's "more info to come" on that, but in the meantime, you might like to know how to qualify. You'll need to be one of the top 64 Ranked players in Wild mode at the end of May. There's no date for the tournament given yet, but I presume it won't be too long after that.

In other Hearthstone news, Tim Clark reckons that Journey to Un'Goro is its best expansion since League of Explorers. Have a read of yesterday's article for his reasons why.

Thanks, HearthPwn.

Tom Sykes

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