Bleeding Edge video shows chaotic combat, colourful heroes, and hoverboards

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

It's not hard to understand why Ninja Theory wanted to make a game that looks like Bleeding Edge after spending years creating the brilliant but unrelentingly dreary Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The bright chaos of Bleeding Edge was available to experience at Gamescom this year, and YouTuber Arekkz has some off-screen footage that provides a pretty solid look at how the game looks moment to moment as you're playing.

So, yes: A hero brawler with larger-than-life characters and, most importantly, hoverboards. There's a lot of Sunset Overdrive's vibrant color palette and punk rock attitude on display, but also, as Arekkz points out, plenty of opportunities for clever hero synergies.

A few PC Gamer editors had a chance to check Bleeding Edge out at E3 earlier this year, and came away a bit shell-shocked by the amount of chaos popping off at all times during their single match. But Ninja Theory is currently running a technical alpha of Bleeding Edge, and the data they collect from that will likely go toward balancing the experience and perhaps making things a bit more readable.

Thanks, VG247.