BlazBlue dev combats spoilers with 'non-negotiable' streaming guidelines

No one likes spoilers. Social media blabbermouths, poorly flagged op-eps, unfiltered streamers—steering clear of party poopers in the wake of new releases can be difficult. With the latter in mind, Japanese developer Arc System Works has announced new streaming restrictions, in tandem with the launch of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

As detailed in these guidelines (via, players are encouraged to stream local or online matches "to your heart's content", and to post tutorial videos. What players are not permitted to do is stream Cross Tag Battle's Episode Story mode—at all. 

"Just don’t," reads the post. "If you have to, very short clips of Episode Mode content up to Chapter 2 are permitted for video content only. Any longer clips, spoilers, or anything else is a danger area, so really, just avoid this all together."

Players are also told not to stream or upload music-only content. Background music during matches and within online lobbies is fine, says the developer, but soundtrack rips are not. 

"These rules, in general, apply across the board with Arc System Works games," the post adds. "We understand how much work you put into your channels, and love and appreciate you supporting us by creating content from our games. 

"Unfortunately, these rules are non-negotiable with the powers that be, and will result in your channel being issued a content ID claim, or worse, a channel strike/account suspension. We don’t want this to happen because of us, so please, heed the rules." 

Elsewhere, the developer says: "We want to give you the freedom to upload your amazing matches and online shenanigans. However, when it comes to story mode, that is where most of the restrictions and guidelines will reside. We want to make sure fans get to experience the Episode Mode with fresh eyes."

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