Black Ops 2 multiplayer leak video shows 'finger guns'

Some cheeky blighters have obtained what Activision are calling a “development demo build” of Black Ops 2, and uploaded a vid to prove it. It's an extremely short snippet of action, and overlayed with a superfluous dev interview and some dreadful music, but it does show off the capabilities of the engine.

Spotted on Kotaku , the video sees the player activate a no-clip mode, allowing the camera to zip off, around and above a rather pretty hillside township - which the player then proceeds to fill the the bodies of his foes. A crossbow makes a brief cameo and the video ends with the player running about making 'finger guns' at the enemy - a returning weapon from previous CoDs accessible via the 'giveall' cheat.

The original video has been removed, as you'd expect, but it came from the channel of Call of Duty modder iHc James . Kotaku still have a working version at the time of writing, if you are that needy of your BlOps fix.