Black Ops 2 dedicated servers confirmed for PC

CoD Blops 2

Treyarch director of technology Cesar Stastny has confirmed on Twitter that the latest Call of Duty will feature dedicated ranked multiplayer servers on PC.

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It's good news, and more than a little overdue. Dedicated servers made a return with Modern Warfare 3, but were unranked and therefore didn't contribute to your overall progress. It seems like reliable, full-featured servers have crawled back bit by bit since they originally vanished from the series.

Last week brought the news that Neversoft, the studio behind the Tony Hawk and latter Guitar Hero games, are at work on Call of Duty . Check out the E3 trailer for the first extended look at the game, in which terrorists steal the keys to the robots of the future. I'm not sure why robots would have keys, unless the robot owned something that needed to be locked like a house or a car. A robust moral compass would probably be a better way of preventing a drone army from laying waste to Los Angeles, ultimately.

Is the news of proper PC server support enough to get you excited for Black Ops 2, readers?

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