Black Desert Online cools off with the Terrmian Waterpark event

It’s warm and sunny—not here, of course, because I live in Scotland—so that means it’s time to strip off and hit the nearest beach or waterpark. If that sounds like a nightmare, you could always just stay inside and experience the joys of a digital waterpark during Black Desert Online’s summer event. 

Black Desert Online sort of looks like your typical MMO, full of quests and monsters, but it’s really a brilliant sandbox where you can embark on the life of a travelling merchant or take to the high seas to corner the fish market. That’s hard work, mind, so you need a place to go on holiday, and that’s where the Terrmian Waterpark comes in. 

The event kicked off this week and lets players complete quests, challenges and mini-games—including giant clam hunting and a diving competition—in an effort to earn coins and seals that can be spent on a variety of prizes, from a flashy coral crown to pearl treasure chests full of random items. 

If you spend 10 seals you’ll get a coupon that will automatically enter you into a competition with several different in-game prizes and one real-world prize: a GeForce GTX 1080ti.

The Terrmian Waterpark event will run until August 30. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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