Birthdays the Beginning teases world-building mechanics in time-lapse footage

When Harvest Moon mastermind Yasuhiro Wada announced his next sandbox project Birthdays the Beginnings, he made clear its direction would be "very different" from that of his esteemed Story of Seasons debut. I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the 15-minute long time-lapse footage featured below, but it does seem Wada has kept true to his word as it looks very little like the 1996 SNES classic. 

First expected for PC on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe next year, Birthdays the Beginning has since been pushed back to May 9 in NA and May 12 in EU. As per its Steam description, it's a "sandbox game in which players create cube-shaped worlds that give rise to diverse and unique lifeforms." 

I guess that's what's happening here, but I'm admittedly a bit lost without the aid of English translation.

Birthdays' Steam blurb also suggests players can shape the geography, alter the temperature of each world, and "witness the birth of an entire ecosystem"—the latter of which appears to be taking shape after the ten minute mark above. 

Again, Birthdays the Beginning is due May 9 in North America and May 12 in Europe. In the meantime, Tom's conversation with both Yasuhiro Wada and Stardew Valley's Eric Barone is absolutely worth your time: