BioWare's Dragon Age team is currently 'hiring a lot of people', says creative director

If Alexis Kennedy's words last month weren't enough to prove work on a new Dragon Age is well underway, its creative director Mike Laidlaw's suggestion that "it's no secret we're doing something" with the series is a sure bet. Now it seems development on the elusive Inquisition follow-up is gathering pace. 

"Something is happening with Dragon Age," said Laidlaw to The 1099 podcast host Josiah Renaudin, before going on to say he and his team are "hiring a lot of people" at present. 

During the conversation, Laidlaw also admits BioWare had plans for Jade Empire 2—which were ultimately delayed as a result of work on Dragon Age. 

"We certainly had plans for a Dragon Age 2," says Laidlaw. "Which I can’t talk about, but it existed. Jade Empire 2 was talked about. It was certainly considered. I think it’s still possible there could be a Jade 2."

Skip to the 57 minute mark below for Laidlaw's Dragon Age-related remarks.

Thanks, PSU.