Bethesda kicks off a 'Save Player 1' sale for its single-player games

Bethesda launched a new, and entirely light-hearted, campaign at The Game Awards tonight aimed at saving single-player games—and to help get the job done it's running a sale. 

"While Bethesda and its family of studios produce and publish a wide array of games (including some of the pioneering games in the multiplayer and esports space), single-player games are a big part of the Company’s DNA and will continue to be as they work to develop and publish narrative-driven single-player games in the future," the studio said. 

"To celebrate the single-player gamer, Bethesda is running a sale this weekend across its current catalog of single-player games with prices up to 50% off digitally, as well as at select retailers. "

Here's what they've got on Steam:

Bethesda also announced that it will donate $100,000 to the ESA Foundation to help fund scholarships for future developers, "who might one day make an amazing single-player game that you'll love." You can learn more about the program at

Andy Chalk

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