Beta access: Big Match Striker

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If you sign up to our site, or if you're already a member, Supermassive games will give you access to the Big Match Striker beta." But what's Big Match Striker," you're muttering to your cat? It's a free to play multiplayer football manager game where every tackle and penalty can be resolved with a quick-fire trivia question drawing on your knowledge of English football's top four tiers - a constantly updated database of thousands of soccer questions. If you're the sort of person who knows what the half time score during the world cup final of 1962 was, I'm definitely not playing against you any time soon.

You compete with other players to win matches, impress fans, and earn "Smackers", the in game currency. Fans help you climb the leagues, money helps you hire players and upgrade your stadiums. No word on whether or not headshots are instant kills, but you can buy hot dog stands to boost fan approval.

It'll likely be a case of managing your players, both in terms of stamina and how much money they need to get out of bed in the morning, then plunging into a match to play a turn-based football match, before answering a trivia question every time you want to do something that might possibly get ballsed up. You know, because of the pitch and the referee and the poor quality of the ball and everything.

You can even keep your trophies in a big cabinet afterwards. It's got quite a bright, cartoon style that should lend itself well to fans of all ages, except people who are afraid of cartoons who'll probably end up with shocks of white in their hair and a chronic irrational fear of free-to-play football trivia manager games.

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  • Developer: Supermassive games
  • Publisher: In-house
  • Release: August 2010
  • Website: