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best legends of runeterra decks
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legends of runeterra

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Rule the board with the best Legends of Runeterra decks. As one of the newer card game kids on the block, Legends of Runeterra's meta is constantly shifting. Keep up with all the new cards and master the strategies of some of the strongest decks in the game.

Take your pick from this broad selection of Legends of Runeterra builds. From budget decks that are perfect for beginners, to meta decks that'll maintain an impressive win rate—there's something for everyone. 

How to import Legends of Runeterra deck codes

Import one of the codes below to save time building a deck. Copy the deck code,  Launch the game, select Collection and then Decks. Click Import Deck, paste the code, and save. Hey presto: your deck is now ready to use.

The best Legends of Runeterra decks

Legends of Runeterra Barrier Fiora deck


  • Type: Combo
  • Champions: Fiora and Shen
  • Regions: Demacia and Ionia
  • Cost to craft: 36750 Shards

best legends of runeterra decks

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Barrier Fiora from Hewitt Benson suits players who appreciate flexible strategies. At 3 and 4 mana, Fiora and Shen are strong early threats. Always try to replace your hand (hard-mulligan) if you don’t receive. Spend Shen’s barrier on Fiora to keep her on the board and level her up. As a Challenger, Fiora can also choose which enemy unit blocks so that you can remove intimidating enemy units a little easier.

Greenglade Caretaker has strong synergies with Shen courtesy of its +2/+0 effect whenever an ally receives a Barrier. This is complemented by spells such as Riposte, granting an ally +3/+0 and a Barrier this round, and Brightsteel Protector which also pops a Barrier on an ally. Use these cards to create a board full of buffed units, which you can then use to deal disgusting damage to your opponent. 

Legends of Runeterra Jinx-Draven discard deck


  • Type: Aggro
  • Champions: Draven and Jinx
  • Regions: Freljord and Shadow Isles
  • Cost to craft: 34650 Shards

best legends of runeterra decks

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Want to smash your opponent in the face? Throw away the cards you don’t need while drawing a constant stream of damage until you acquire lethal (damage that kills) with this deck, also courtesy of Hewitt Benson.

Draven’s Spinning Axe is the main feature in this deck as you can create more of them as the rounds roll on. Spinning Axe requires you to discard 1 in exchange for giving an ally +1/0 this round. Use the axe to thin out your weaker units and shift your play towards stronger units and spells. As you create more Spinning Axes, you can deal a substantial damage before your enemy can respond. 

Draven’s Biggest Fan ensures you can access and use your champion when needed as it moves him to the top of your deck. Your second champion, Jinx, strikes first when attacking and will continue to give you Super Mega Death Rockets that deal 4 to the enemy nexus and 1 to all other enemies for continuous added value.  

Legends of Runeterra Yasuo deck


  • Type: Combo 
  • Champion: Yasuo
  • Regions: Ionia and Noxus 
  • Cost to craft: 16900 Shards

best legends of runeterra decks

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v1ci0us has created a 'Full Yasuo' deck to make the most of his Stun and Recall abilities. Operating as a lone champion in this build, Yasuo requires you to Stun and Recall enemies to deal two damage to them. Do this six times to secure a +1/+1 buff and observe as Yasuo makes quick work of the enemy threats. 

The fabric of this deck is weaved by Stun and Recall synergies. Play Arachnoid Sentry, Yone, Windchaser and Minotaur Reckoner to stun enemies. Fae Bladetwirler gains +2/+0 every time a unit is stunned or recalled and Legion General engages battle with +1/+1 for each unit that has been stunned and recalled. 

Cast spells to retain control of the field. Recall useful allies and cast Noxian Guillotine to remove intimidating units. At three mana, this can be cast again during the same round to combat a strong enemy board. Intimidating Roar cleans up against smaller threats by stunning all enemies with 4 or less Power.  

Legends of Runeterra Teemo Control deck


  • Type: Control
  • Champions: Teemo
  • Regions: Shadow Isles and Piltover & Zaun
  • Cost to craft: 30000 Shards

best legends of runeterra decks

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Thanks to TBGThiago, this Teemo deck is all about planting Poison Puffcaps in your enemy’s deck. When drawn, these deal 1 damage to their Nexus. Use Puffcap Peddler to plant 3 Poison Puffcaps on random cards in the enemy deck. When summoned, Chump Whump creates two Mushroom Clouds which each plant five more Poison Puffcaps. Cycle these cards and continue to generate as many mushrooms as possible. Counterfeit Copies will enable you to pick a card in your hand and shuffle 4 exact copies of it into your deck so it’s unlikely you’ll run out of ammunition. Once you’ve planted 15 or more to level up your champion, Teemo’s Nexus Strike doubles the Poison Puffcaps in your opponent’s deck, which will eat away at their health.

Now all you need to worry about is staying alive. Utilise your spells to remove scary units and marvel at your toxic garden of Poison Puffcaps. 

Legends of runeterra Warmother Control deck


  • Type: Control
  • Champions: Anivia and Tryndamere
  • Regions: Freljord and Shadow Isles
  • Cost to craft: 44700 Shards

best legends of runeterra decks

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Currently hailed as one of the strongest control decks in Legends of Runeterra, this Hewitt Benson combo is for patient players. You simply need to survive long enough to make it into the late game: then things start to turn in your favour. 

Wyrding Stones ramps up your mana from early on and propels you towards a strong late game. Make use of The Ruination to kill all units and Avalanche to deal two damage to all units as you dish out sufficient board clears. You can rely on your plentiful spells to protect you from taking too much damage, which robs your opponent of any real board control. This is where Anivia shines too, dealing 1 damage to all enemies. These steady threats deter the opponent from spreading too wide, which lets you plant a chunky unit such as Avarosan Hearthguard to retain some board presence in the meantime. Summoning the Hearthguard also grants allies in your deck +1/+1, strengthening the cards you’ll play later on.

While a hefty sum at 12 mana, Warmother’s Call is an essential inclusion. Summoning the top unit from your deck the moment you play it and at the beginning of each round, it allows you to copy large targets such as your Tryndameres and thrive over all that damage.    

Legends of Runeterra Poro deck


  • Type: Midrange
  • Champions: Braum and Lucian 
  • Regions: Demacia and Freljord 
  • Cost to craft: 27300 Shards
Heart of the Fluft

Heart of the Fluft Card

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Arekkz's deck is all about the adorable balls of fluff known as Poros. These magical creatures are cheap and easy to play on curve. They also have access to spells that can buff them into stronger allies. This deck's foundations are built by Common and Rare cards, but it does include two champions (three of each) which increases the crafting cost.  

You may have used a premade deck in the Legends of Runeterra open beta that incorporates Poros. This variation focuses on the benefits of creating an army of them, while adding champions that benefit from both protecting your units, and watching them die. This well-rounded approach tops up your build with a few non-Poro options.  

Lonely Poro, Plucky Poro and Mighty Poro range from one to three mana and establish the beginning of your Poro wall. Lonely Poro gives you a random one-cost Poro from any region, so you won't be short of cards to play in the early game. Plucky Poros are 1/1 units with Tough and Mighty Poro is a 3/3 unit with Overwhelm. 

Poro Herder is a valuable inclusion as a respectable four-mana 3/4 unit that benefits from you already having Poro allies - which you certainly will. By the time you reach six mana, Heart of the Fluft combines all Poros, gaining their keywords and stats to create a cute giant ball. It's Last Breath ability summons a Heart of the Fluft for added value. 

Every spell in your deck buffs your allies. Poro Snax gives all your Poros +1/+1 regardless of where they are, and Iceborn Legacy grants an ally (and all copies of it) +1/+1.

Lucian complements a Poro build as his levelling ability depends on him witnessing four or more allies dying. As Senna, Sentinel of Light features in his level up text, she also appears in this deck. At 0/5, Braum is a sturdy unit for blocking incoming damage. After surviving 10 total damage he levels up. Once in his 0/7 state, he then summons a Mighty Poro every time he survives damage. 

Legends of Runeterra Noxus deck


  • Type: Aggro
  • Champions: Zed and Katarina
  • Regions: Noxus and Ionia 
  • Cost to craft: 20500 Shards
Trifarian Hopeful

Trifarian Hopeful Card

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Noxus is a tough region filled with aggressive individuals. It's Legends of Runeterra's birthplace of aggro decks, including this build from Hyped. Built with 33 Noxus cards, this maximises the strengths of the region. Strong-arm your way to a win by summoning and buffing allies.

Replace your starting hand in hopes of starting the match with Legion Rearguard and Legion Saboteur. Play Legion Rearguard—a 3/2 unit that cannot block—early and force your opponent to make a suboptimal play or take a chunk of damage to their Nexus. Attack with Legion Saboteur to deal 1 damage to the enemy Nexus. 

Continue summoning units as your mana creeps up. This deck sports a number of effects that your opponents may struggle to counter. Greenglade Duo, will gain +1/+0 as you summon more allies so try to play it with cheaper units like Precious Pet—a 2/1 Fearsome spider—or the House Spider that loyally summons a 1/1 Spiderling as it enters the fray. Trifarian Hopefuls reward this Noxus-skewed build as they give allies +2/+0 if another Noxus ally is present when they're summoned.  

Zed and Katarina supplement aggro builds. Katarina's Quick Attack ability ensures she strikes before enemies. She keeps bouncing back into your hand, courtesy of her Recall ability in both her initial and levelled-up states. Zed also has Quick Attack and creates a Living Shadow when he attacks. Bear in mind that Living Shadows are 3/2 Ephemeral units that die when they attack, or when the round ends. Smash the shadows into the enemy Nexus to level Zed and buff his stats.

Your spells are a concoction of buffs for allies, with a dash of removal to ensure safe passage to your opponent's Nexus. Use Brother's Bond to give two allies +2/+0 and Might to grant an ally +3/+0 and Overwhelm to send excess damage to the enemy Nexus. Culling Strike takes out an enemy with 3 or less power and Shunpo deals 2 to an pesky unit before rallying your attack.

Legends of Runeterra Meta deck


  • Type: Midrange
  • Champion: Elise
  • Regions: Shadow Isles and Demacia
  • Cost to craft: 19000 Shards

Elise Champion Card

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Swim's Dawnspiders deck takes creepy, eight-legged creatures and turns them into true horrors. Swim describes this as a "sacrifice" build that capitalises off removing your own units. Sacrifice the correct units and hold onto precious ones to master the workings of this deck.

Elise summons an attacking Spiderling when she strikes. Early on, enemies struggle to block her advances as her Fearsome ability can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more power. She transforms into a terrifying Spider Queen when you retain three or more spiders on the board at the start of the round. Elise's symbiotic relationship gives her trusty spider allies Fearsome and Challenger abilities.  

Dawnspeakers introduce sacrifices. If an ally has died during a round, Dawnspeakers grant other allies +1/+1 when the round ends. Rewards appear in the form of Rhasa the Sunderer, who picks off the two weakest enemies at the end of the turn, when allies die. Cycle Chronicler of Ruins to kill allies and then revive them. Sacrifice Cursed Keeper to receive a 4/4 unit from its Last Breath ability and sustain an aggressive board.

Legends of Runeterra Zed deck


  • Type: Aggro
  • Champions: Zed and Katarina
  • Regions: Noxus and Ionia 
  • Cost to craft: 23200 Shards

Zed Champion Card

(Image credit: Riot Games)

This Zed and Katarina aggro build from Dog primarily contains Ionia cards and specialises in Elusive units that can only be blocked by other Elusive units. 

Navori Bladescout gains Elusive for the round that it's summoned, cementing it as an irritating 2/1 early threat. While a substantial portion of this deck already bears the Elusive keyword, Ghost grants it to other units. Recall units with Will of Ionia to buff Fae Bladetwirler into a cheap and powerful unit. Play Katarina to fulfill your recall requirements and rush the opponent with consistent damage.

House Spider is an instant inclusion in the current meta as it has good stats and summons another unit. Spending just two mana for a 2/2 and a 1/1 unit is an efficient use of gems and secures an early board that can be quickly buffed by +2/+0 with the Brother's Bond spell. 

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