The weirdest weapons in Hitman 3 you mustn’t miss

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As the name suggests, Hitman is a game about hitting men. And occasionally poking them, pushing them, shooting them and other verbs that tend to end in the grave. Each level is littered with Hitman 3 weapons to turn to your malicious purpose, but all of them hide juicier tools of destruction. These might be more unusual stabbing tools or unique items that will complete in-game challenges when used in the right way.

I’ve scoured the locations in Agent 47's latest murderous adventure to uncover the weirdest Hitman 3 weapons and share their locations with you. As always, do not run with sharp objects in your hand and please make sure no one is peeking as you use them on the nearest villain.

Where to find the weirdest Hitman 3 weapons, by level


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Ornate Scimitar
Grab the Ornate Scimitar from the Penthouse Study on Level 4. It’s by the desk where grumpy Carl Ingram works on his book. It’s handy for hacking through guards in close-quarters combat, and picking it up completes the Toothpick challenge for the level.

Gold Bar
If you hack the central server you can force a vending machine to deposit a Gold Bar, but it’s easier to grab one from the Deposit Room at the start of the level. Sneak in when the receptionist is busy and pick the deposit box lock to get this hefty melee weapon. It’s pleasingly ironic to knock out the rich and infamous with a big lump of gold, and if you chuck the bar at the Sheikh you’ll earn the Cashing Out feat.

Model of the Sceptre
Want to combine bludgeoning with tourism? Then seek out the Model of the Sceptre. It’s in the Penthouse Lounge on Level 4 - the room where Ingram and Stuyvesant meet if you schedule their meeting. It’s a standard whacking item, but it’s nice to take a souvenir home with you. You’ll also tick off the Pocket-Sized Empire challenge for grabbing it.


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Bartoli Hunting Shotgun
Okay, there are wackier weapons than An Actual Shotgun, but this is a handy item to grab if everything goes to hell in Thornbridge Manor. You can break open the gun cabinets just to the east of the foyer to get access to the gun. Pilfering the Bartoli also completes the challenge Let’s Go Hunting, so steal it even if you don’t need it. 

Ah, the banana. Trusted friend to the prankster and one of your five a day. There’s a banana hidden in one of the lockers in the little room north of the staff room on Level 0 of the house. You can use the banana to pacify targets by placing the skin in their path. Instead of selecting ‘drop item’, use place item (capslock) to lay the skin on the ground. No challenge for this one, but it’s a good laugh.

Pool Ball
The Pool Ball is necessary for beating the Cue Balled challenge, which requires you to pacify Patrick with a pool ball. The weapon is easy to miss as you need to collect it from the pocket of the pool table in the Library on Level 0. Head towards the central pocket to see the prompt. Now give smug Patrick a good smack.

Unicorn Horn 
The Unicorn Horn is in a secret room by Alexa Carlisle’s Office. You can either gain access by pressing the wall switch in Alexa’s Private Room, or by using the Walking Cane (found in Emma and Gregory’s room) on the floor switch in the corridor outside Alexa’s office. Is the horn a nod to Tintin’s The Secret of the Unicorn? Either way, it’s good for jabbing old crones. And it completes the Magic is Real challenge.

Barber Razor
We live in constant fear of cutting our own throats when shaving, so thanks to IO for leaning into that with the horrible Barber Razor. Find it in the bathroom by Emma and Gregory’s Room on Level 1, just beyond the flirting security guard. The razor serves more purpose in the Dartmoor Escalation Contract, The Percival Passage, where the second tier asks you to kill guards with this throat slitter.


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Scrap Sword
You can find the Scrap Sword to the east of the club, near the canal. Follow the canal path towards the back entrance to the Juice Bar area and you can climb between the fuel tanks to pick up this rusted weapon. It’s a pretty standard sword, but you can imagine this rusty razor also gives the villains tetanus, if that helps. Finding it finishes the Scavenger challenge.

Battle Axe
Easily the best hidden weapon in the game, the Battle Axe has to be dug up outside the club. Head to the southeast corner of Level 0 and you’ll find a dig prompt by a tree. You can find a spade to the west of the main club queue, so use that to excavate the axe. It’ll be familiar to fans of Hitman 1 and 2, but has a truly horrible head-splitting attack animation that has to be seen to be believed.

Cocaine Brick
The Cocaine Brick is in the Drug Packaging room on Level 0 of the biker hideout, north of the main club. It’s not versatile, but does trigger one of Berlin’s best challenges. Wait for the ICE Agent to cross the dance floor on Level -2 and chuck the brick into the industrial fans to make your prey feel sick and cause the dancers lose their freaking minds. Completes the Whiteout feat for your efforts.


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Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert
A silenced sniper rifle is one of the harder mastery unlocks in Hitman, so the opportunity to play with one for free in Chongqing should be seized. This rifle is on Level 4 of the northwestern building in the main square. Picking it up and sniping out the drones to the southeast is one of the quickest ways of drawing both Hush and Royce out of their buildings and makes the Sniper Assassin challenge easy to beat.

No challenges to unlock with this one, just the cool sight of Agent 47 doing his ninja tribute act with a short sword to the neck. Find the Tanto on a shelf in Hush’s Therapy Room on Level 5 of his hideout. If you approach the room from the outside balcony you can unlock the door using the code 2552 for easy access.

Cowboy Bust
There are plenty of busts in Hitman 3 to crack over people’s heads to pacify them, but the Cowboy Bust is required for a key Chongqing challenge. You can find the Cowboy Bust in the southern stairwell of Hush’s lair, on Level 1. If you use the bust to pacify Sister Lai (the chief scientist running the lab on Level 3) you’ll unlock the Lei Me to Sleep feat.

Toy Tank
For reasons unknown, the designers of Chongqing really get off on scientists getting smacked over the head with weird weapons. To complete the challenge Think! Tank!, you need to hit a researcher with a Toy Tank. You can find one in the Arcade on Level 0 of Hush’s apartment building.


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Jarl’s Pirate Saber
While Mendoza isn’t overflowing with odd weapons, it has a treasure trove of antique weaponry. Find them in the Villa Actic on Level 6, which you reach by pulling down a ladder in the villa bathroom below. Inside the room you’ll find a swashbuckling treat (first seen in Hitman 2’s Haven Island DLC) and a huge broadsword. Neither is very sneaky, but if you want to get medieval on Don Yates’ ass, they will tick that box.

In the same room as the Jarl’s Pirate Saber you’ll find cannonballs and gunpowder. These can be used to load the cannons outside the villa’s front doors. Getting your targets to stand on the other side of the drive so you can blast them is not easy, but nothing worth doing ever is, right? 

Carpathian Mountains

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Imperial Filigree Egg
Hitman 3’s final level isn’t packed with interesting toys, bar one oddity hidden near the start. Once you escape the initial lab carriage and make it outside, take down the guard to get the Lab Supply Key. This opens the door behind you. At the back of the supply room there’s a crowbar and a crate. Use one on the other to find this precious Faberge Egg. You don’t get anything for it and it doesn’t do anything special, but it’s quite fun carrying it all the way to the other end to smash on The Constant’s head.