The best Fallout 4 mods

Remote Explosives ⭐

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There's never quite enough ways to blow someone the hell up in Fallout 4, so here's a nice addition to the list. C4, plasma charges, and IEDs that can be dropped and detonated remotely. If you want to be really cool about it, plant one of 'em in someone's clothing, stroll away, and the trigger the bomb.

The Creation Club ⭐

Fallout 4 Mod: The Creation Club

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Okay, obviously this is a bit of a dig at Bethesda's DLC library Creation Club, which produces items and gear people can spend real money on. But it's also pretty clever. This mod adds a golf club that, when swung, creates random (and free) items out of thin air. Once the novelty wears off, the club can also be used as a customizable melee weapon.

Fusion Gun 

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Got a few too many fusion cores lying around? You can now use them to craft ammo for this new weapon, which is really a new set of weapons. The Fusion Gun first comes into your possession as a pistol, but once you've got it you can craft it into any type of weapon you want, from a sniper rifle to shotgun to assault rifle. The trailer above shows its many looks and uses. 

See-Through Scopes 

Fallout 4 Mod: See-Through Scopes

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If you don't like the opaque sniper scopes, or the quick fade to black that occurs when using them, this mod solves that issue. Now when holding up a weapon with a scope you can see through it. You have the option to add new scopes, or simply replace the existing ones. You can even customize the reticles of your scopes in-game.

Doombased Weapons Merged 

Fallout 4 Mod: Doombased Weapons Merged

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Modder DOOM has been making sweet guns for Fallout 4 for a while, and now you can find all ten of them in one place. There are assault rifles, a Desert Eagle, a MAC-11 machine pistol, and even a replication of Deckard's PKD Detective Special from Blade Runner.

True Frags 

Fallout 4 Mod: True Frags

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We all love using explosives in Fallout 4. We'd love them more if the ones that were supposed to hurl shrapnel around actually did. Thanks to this mod, now shrapnel-based explosive weapons really work as they're supposed to. Instead of just an explosion, your frag grenades and frag mines, MIRV grenades, bottlecap mines, and baseball grenades will send a cloud of projectiles through the air, shredding the hell out of anyone within range. Duck and cover. 

TNR Shoulder Lamp 

Fallout 4 Mod: TNR Shoulder Lamp

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If you're not a huge fan of the Pip-Boy's flashlight function, which provides a somewhat uninspiring general glow to your surroundings, now you can use the same shoulder-mounted lamp the Marines use in the film Aliens. I think you'll agree: it's way cooler with volumetric lighting and dynamic shadows. What's more, it can both be purchased from vendors or crafted at a chemistry table. You can also craft different colored lights for it at an armor workbench.

Armorsmith Extended

Fallout 4 Mod: Armorsmith Extended

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The hell with road leathers, why can't I strap pieces of armor on over my nice natty suit? In addition to being able to wear any outfit under your armor, you can also wear hats and helmets with gasmasks, you can add ballistic weaves to hats, and even craft new outfits altogether. This mod was created with FO4Edit.

Crossbows of the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 Mod: Crossbows of the Commonwealth

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This well-animated crossbow makes a great addition to your burgeoning arsenal, and it's not just a simple, static weapon. You can add attachments to it using your workbench, and craft a number of different types of bolts for it. The crossbow is silent, perfect for stealth kills, and its great damage is offset by its slow reload time so it won't unbalance the game.

Any Mod Any Weapon

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If you want to take wasteland warfare to a whole new level, this mod will let you build the weapon of your fever dreams. It allows you to put any weapon attachment on any weapon, so you can electrify a triple-barreled minigun, splice a Fat Man onto an alien laser pistol, or build just about any Frankenstein-esque weapon you can imagine. The video above by Tyrannicon shows you just a few of the possibilities.

Craftable Ammunition

Fallout 4 Mod: Craftable Ammunition

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You can build a lot at your workstations, everything from weapon mods to medical items to grenades. Why not ammo? This mod lets you craft every single type of ammo in the game at your chemistry stations: shotgun shells, flares, mini nukes, flamer fuel, fusion cells... you name it, you can craft it (unless you're naming made-up ammo that doesn't exist, like moon-piercing tomato bullets). You'll still need higher level Gun Nut, Science, and Demolition perks to be able to craft the really powerful stuff.

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