The best kills we've seen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Supine surprise

File this under 'You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.' Not only does the player take a major fall off a cliff, survive with a sliver of health, have the wherewithal to spot another player, and have the steady hands to aim and kill him—but it's the final kill of the match. This winner deserves more than a chicken dinner.

Via Reddit.

A low blow

Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause has a particular knack for parachuting from the sky and hijacking a car before his boots even hit the ground. The player in this clip from streamer WannaSp00n is clearly no Rico Rodriguez.

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Long distance relationship

Fair bit of sniping here, and while it's a knockout and not a kill, it still shows the dangers of climbing a mountain to have a look around. Nice shot.

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Hail Mary

One disadvantage of playing in a squad of four is the inclination to carpool. Sure, it lets you use the diamond lane, but it also leaves you open to extremely timely grenade throws. Next time, you might want to split up before you blow up.

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Stop and pop

The shooting range is naturally a great place to look for guns: unfortunately, that's not exactly a secret. Luckily, the player above stays calm, works through cover, and manages a nice little jump-n-pump-action. Hitting a moving target is tough, but hitting a stationary target when you're in motion is even more impressive.

Via Reddit, where you can watch the entire clip.

Sting like a bee

We've all been there: being chased by someone with a gun when we have no gun of our own. We've probably all also tried to fight back with our fists, but this surprise flying punch is definitely one to be savored.

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Leading 'em on

Another nice bit of sniping, this time at a moving buggy. The first shot pops the driver out of the car, the next seals the deal. Next time, bring a tank.

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See more

I wasn't aware the word 'dope' was still being trafficked, but who cares: driving a car up a cliff, through the air, onto the terrace of a building, then jumping out and wasting the two players who just happened to be there? Yeah, that's definitely dope.

Can't see me

Here we see the wily chameleon, blending in with his surroundings using natural camouflage. The screaming in the clip is understandable. I would have screamed too.

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Frying pan, or flying pan? Both, in this case. Breakfast is served.

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Central air

How to deal with an unwanted guest? Show them to the door. If the door isn't handy, the window will do. Thanks for visiting!

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Remember, it's polite to knock before entering a bathroom, just in case it's occupied by four other people.

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I don't much care for the revolver in Battlegrounds: it takes a long time to reload and only holds a few shots. It can make dropping foes pretty satisfying, though, as the player above does with three different enemies.

Via Reddit, where you can see the entire sequence (including finishing off the three players with a car).

Knock, knock

It's not a bad idea, really, to open a door and take cover to one side, thus hopefully preventing an ambush. It does appear, however, to leave a slight risk medical scientists describe as 'Early Access Game Fatal Hover-Plummet.' Ask your doctor if opening doors is right for you.

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Need a lift?

And just to prove that Battlegrounds isn't all death and mayhem, let's finish with a moment of serendipitous sportsmanship.

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