The best kills we've seen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

We've been enjoying our time with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the Early Access battle royale shooter. We've also enjoyed watching others play it, and we've put together a collection of our favorite kills (with the exception of those accomplished through the upside-down car strategy, which we already covered here).

Below, gaze upon our favorite kills involving cars, grenades, frying pans, fists, and in one case, a door. Oh yeah, a few have guns, too.

Annnd action!

This scene tracks better than most action movies, featuring car combat, lovely first person camerawork, a tense shootout in the street, and some timely reinforcements when things look grim. To see the whole clip, check out the link below. Someone get Hollywood on the horn.

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Up in smoke

Weed_Man deserved better than this. Weed_Man is worth more than death by motorcycle-squashing from a skyscraper’s height. No one should puff-puff pass like this. Tragic.

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In which Twitch streamer Ninja speaks a bit too soon. 

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How to fly

There’s no preventing a death like this. If you’re the PUBG Terminator’s target, might as well lay down and wait for the big shotgun in the sky to take you away. 

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Man vs Nature

PUBG’s most dangerous threat isn’t other players. It’s not what the big blue forcefield or the risky gear hunt. PUBG’s biggest monster is Mother Nature. I’ve seen more matches go awry due to trees leaping in front of drivers than just about anything else, and it never gets easier to watch. 

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I really hope the player this person shot out of the air before they could even finish parachuting wasn’t a newcomer. There’d be no better excuse to quit playing videogames for good. 

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Never leave a squadmate behind, unless it’s to grab a car or motorcycle to save them with the terrible power of vehicular manslaughter. It’s hard to watch this clip without feeling A) sorry for the helpless squad getting run over one by one, and B) vicariously invigorated by the power rush the drivers are going through. 

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Divine intervention

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PUBG can be pretty tense and surprising, but damn, that’s some poor aim. It’s a scene straight out of Pulp Fiction. On the other hand, those are some nice dance moves. The punching player earned that beatdown. 

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Pan, the bullet trickster 

OK, so it’s not a kill, but seeing 50 players empty their weapons into a frying pan covering another player’s ass is the triumphant inversion of death, a bold proclamation that says—well, I’m not entirely sure to be honest. It’s just funny.

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Now that’s how you cook a grenade! Simmer it on a low heat, lure a disillusioned player into a small room, swap spaces, toss, and enjoy. How about that amazing ragdoll at the end? Cathartic. 

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Flying lesson 

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Looks like this location is becoming a hotspot for cool car stunt kills. Despite how many times we’ve seen it happen, this clip earns inclusion for the dramatic editing and Arnold cameo. 

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Hidden weapon

A little patience can go a long way in PUBG. So can hiding in an upturned car. user Bashery used such a driving accident to their advantage, discreetly watching the final moments of a match unfold until only a few contenders remained before popping out and cleaning up. 


Threading the needle

So the kills are a bit sloppy, but after defying physics by threading two bodies and a motorcycle through a thin window, I’d be a bit disoriented too.  

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On page two, more frying pans, flying punches, and a door death.

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