Battlefield: Bad Company franchise is not in active development

It's been over three years since Battlefield: Bad Company 2 surfaced as a joyously action-filled addition to the multiplayer scene, but things have quieted down of late. In the midst of the ever-growing Battlefield 4 hype, might things still be quietly operating down for the Bad Company franchise? Unfortunately not, says DICE.

The news was spotted by Eurogamer , who stumbled upon a telltale tweet in response to a BC2 fan asking if it would receive a sequel. "We love the Bad Company series, but don't have it in active development," said the representative manning the Twitter account. "Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year."

It's sad news for those of us who loved BC's unending multiplayer thrills. While Battlefield 4 is specified as the focus for the next year, there's no word on what will happen in 2014. After all, with the current way that sequels to successful shooty hits are slingshotted out of studios, it's unusual for a franchise as prominent as Bad Company to take such a hiatus, let alone return after it. Would you play a Bad Company 3, or are you instead holding out for Battlefield 4's explosive late-year release ?