Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam video shows flamethrowers

bfbc2 vietnam thumb

DICE have released a fresh developer diary giving us an insight into the frantic, short range combat we can expect from the upcoming standalone expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The video gives more info on the weapons and vehicles that will be included in the update, along with plenty of footage of the game in action, including a look at the devastating new flamethrower. You can watch it below.

DICE are trying to recreate Vietnam in style. The lower tech weaponry and reliance on iron sites will make for more frantic close quarters shoot outs, which is where the flamethrower comes in. As the video says, "you can't really hide from a flamethrower". The expansion is due out later this year, for more on what to expect, check out our Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam preview . The video is embedded below.

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